he “monastery” is a 24/7 bohemian gem and a local icon of Tel Aviv’s nightlife. It’s a place for pleasure-loving greedy omnivores that know a thing or two about alcohol.

Whether you’re escaping the hustle and bustle of the Carmel market during the day, or rounding off the night for that “just one last beer” after Pasáž or the Deli, you can be sure that graceful girls, beginner poets, thinkers and revolutionaries will be sitting here. And like a true home for likeminded people, the door is always open. The food menu (served until 4am) is very good, with changing specials each day, so you won’t have to stagger off home drunk (and we guarantee that you’ll leave the Minzar drunk) on an empty stomach.

Minzar Bar

Allenby St. 60

Tel: 03-55173015

Opening Hours: 24/7


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