Jaffa Street Food is the Best in the World


ou Gotta have Humus, and you have to eat Shawarma. Jaffa Street food. And although there are many good places in the Tel Aviv, if you want the best street food in the city, you’ll have to travel down south to Jaffa (Yaffo).

People from Jerusalem will probably disagree ( but remember,  although they are a friendly bunch, you  should never ever listen to culinary tips from them )the best humus is at Abu Hassan (Ali Karavan) it’s a masterpiece. There are 3 branches, but go to the original one on the dolphin St. which is walking distance to old jaffa and the port , so you can walk it off. There are 2 signature dishes , the Mesabaha and the Meshulash (triple) which consists of “ful” , humus and mesabaha. We’re totally getting hungry just writing about it. Seriously, go eat humus at Abu Hassan. Make sure you arrive early , because once the humus is finished , they close for the day!

Yeffet St, just a few minutes walk from the flea market also has some very worthwhile places to check out. First is Auni Shawarma which is opposite of the extremely overrated Abulafia Bakery. Their  baguettes are freshly made and the Shawarma is Fantastic.

A bit further south and across from each other you’ll get your deserts. Andrey Ice cream might not be as fancy as some places around mid town , but they use fresh and natural ingredients  to create unique and innovative flavors. Highly recommended is the American Waffle – a luxurious dish with vanilla cream and Nutella, ice cream, fresh fruit, candied pecans, whipped cream and chocolate chips. Also their Dolce de Lecce Milkshake is legendary.

If you haven’t exploded by now , head across the street to Mutran of nazereth, who make very good Knafe and Baklavas.

Jaffa Street Food Recommendations 


Abu Hassan

Sun-Fri  7:30-15:00ish


1 Dolphin St.

14 Shivtai Israel St.

18 Shivtai Israel St

Tel: 03-6820387, 03-6828355

Sun:  9am – 1am



Shafa Bar

Shawarma Auni

Yeffet St. 10

Daily 10am-5am


Andrei Ice Cream

Yefet St. 142

Daily 10am-5am


Mutran Sweets

Yefet St. 99

Daily 10am-1am


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  • andre

    I wish I would have had this delicious information a couple of years ago when I used to spend time in Tel Aviv. Abu Hassan Humus is just terrific! Congrats for this post

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