Breakfast Club


he Breakfast Club is the only place where you can quote Nietzsche, dance to electro, look for casual sex and dream of love all at the same time. It’s sleazy , dirty and fun.

Below the fancy façade of Rotschild Boulevard walk down the stairs to one of Tel Aviv’s best clubs . The drinks prices here are extortionate so you’ll want to arrive after you’ve had your early drinks at October or Lveontin 7. You know it’s good since (for obvious reasons) the line to the toilet is always unreasonably long. The setup is actually of 2 spaces. The Milk bar is a low key nicely designed bar and on the other side is a mid-sized club where top DJ’s perform every night.

Breakfast Club and Milk Bar

Rothschild 6 St.

Tel: 03-5100101

Opening Hours: 8pm-morning

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